Clear Cut Couples: Alison and Jeff

Alison and Jeff met in college through mutual friends! They had known each other for a while, but finally hit it off after returning to school from summer break during Alison's sophomore year and Jeff's junior/senior year (he graduated early!).

They always joke that they had a series of first dates because the first two did NOT go as planned, due to a series of miscommunications, mistakes at restaurants, etc. Long story short, after two awkward dates where they thought it wasn't going to work out, their third date finally went smoothly and they clicked-- they went to a Spanish tapas restaurant where they shared tapas and churros. Since then, they have been together for over five years-- with two years of long distance in the middle.

They are each others' best friends and they do everything together-- so they love just spending time together! AWW! They love to hike, visit wineries and breweries, take bike rides, and try new restaurants in DC together. Travel is a big part of their lives, too! They love to experience new cultures together. Jeff visited her when she was studying abroad in Switzerland, they have traveled to Puerto Rico and Ireland together, and recently went to Peru to hike Machu Picchu. One of the best moments of their relationship was when long distance finally came to an end and they moved in together in DC-- when they signed for their apartment, they tried to leave to get lunch and consider the options, but they couldn't even get out of the door because they both suddenly realized at the same time that they had found the right place, together!

Jeff proposed on December 14th. Alison was out with friends for a girls night visiting a Christmas light maze that had been set up for the holidays. Alison was walking through the maze with friends-- and suddenly a friend said, "I think I recognize someone over there!" and Jeff was standing there waiting to propose. It was very special because Alison loves Christmas and Christmas lights-- it was her Dad's favorite part of the holidays and he passed away a few years ago. Afterwards, they were able to celebrate with their friends, including one friend who flew in from LA. The day after, they returned to the Spanish tapas restaurant for brunch! 

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Alison knew the ring was coming because they helped design it with Olivia, but she was completely surprised in the moment. Alison says, “I did not see the proposal coming that night at all! I love the ring! It is even better in person and I can't stop looking at it!”

They’re getting married in September of 2021 in Vermont-- they spend a lot of time on a lake and hiking in the summer, and skiing in the winter!