Clear Cut Couples: Ryan and Jessica

Ryan and Jessica met at a law school orientation event. They briefly spoke for a second over margaritas and went their separate ways. By random chance, they were placed in the same class section. Ryan noticed right away. The second day of classes he arrived to class early and sat next to her. After class Jessica asked Ryan if he wanted to get lunch. From that point forward, they were inseparable. They spent nearly every other subsequent minute together – either studying for class or decompressing from class. After spending so much time with each other, they quickly became best friends and it was clear that they were both interested in something more. In October, Ryan officially asked Jessica on a date. Ryan used all the little details that he learned about Jessica to plan the most perfect date! They first went to The Phillips Collection - one of Jessica’s favorite art museums in DC. Then he took Jessica to an amazing pho restaurant – which was and is a staple in their weekly diet! Then they went back to his apartment and had a pumpkin carving competition. Finally, they finished the night off with ice cream cake and a movie. It was the perfect night. Since then, they have been together for over 3 years!!

Traveling has been a huge part of their relationship. (Jessica is an avid traveler and Ryan loves learning about new cultures). They travel for all occasions, big and small. In the last three years they have traveled all over the world including France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, and Canada to name a few. They are happiest when they are vacationing and experiencing new cultures together.

Ryan told Jessica that he wasn’t going to propose in 2019 because they were graduating from law school, taking (and passing woohoo!) the bar, and starting new jobs. However, they had a two week vacation to Portugal planned and everyone (including Jessica) thought it was going to happen then – but It didn’t. So, Jessica really thought it wasn’t going to happen at all. Ryan surprised Jessica with a birthday trip to Montreal when they returned from Portugal. Canada is a really special place to them because they celebrated their first anniversary in Quebec and are huge fans of all things Canadian. Once there, Ryan took Jessica to the botanical gardens as her final birthday surprise. In the Chinese garden section, Ryan asked a man to take their photo and as Jessica was getting ready for the photo Ryan pulled her in close, got down on one knee, and asked her to be his forever! Additionally, it turned out that the man taking the photo was a photographer that Ryan hired so they spent the rest of the day taking photos around the garden!

He proposed with Jessica’s mom’s ring because he knew that Jessica was excited to create her dream ring with Olivia + the entire Clear Cut team! Jessica says, “Everything about the proposal was perfectly us. It is still the best day of my life (kind of scared that the wedding may not top it!).”

They will be getting married on October 2nd , 2021 at a waterfront estate in northern Maryland! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!!


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