Clear Cut Couples: Ana and Sebastien

Ana and Sebastien met at the SLS in Miami through mutual friends. It was a busy week for Sebastien because it was Miami Music Week and he works in the electronic music scene. Ana came that weekend to visit her family and at the same time escape New York City's cold weather, which is where she was studying at the time. Ana’s sister and friend were with her that night when she was first introduced to Sebastien. She remembered him showing them a table where they could get drinks, it was a brief encounter... but a memorable one. Sebastien and Ana ran into each other on two more occasions before any moves were made. After graduating college, she took a trip to Europe. She was staying with a friend that was managing an artist on the label Sebastien was working at, so they went to a club in Germany for his label party and that's where they had their first kiss (finally!) AWW! A little over a week later, they were both in Ibiza and went out to Ushuaia for another one of his label parties. They had the best time! The next morning, he jokingly proposed with a ring she had on, and they talked about how one day they were going to get married and have three kids! They lived in different countries so they told each other if it was meant to be then it would be. They texted a bit before seeing each other again during Miami Music Week nine months later.

Ana said she hadn’t stopped thinking about Sebastien, so she asked him to visit her in NYC during the Fourth of July weekend! Their first date was EPIC! He booked a helicopter ride that took them over the Statue of Liberty and all the way up to Yankees Stadium - it was so much fun and really showed Ana his adventurous side! … the rest is history!! Since then, they have been together for 3 1/2 years! The first year of their relationship they did long-distance then Ana moved to Amsterdam from New York City. Since then they’ve moved to LA and back to Amsterdam!

One of the most memorable trips they’ve had was when Sebastien's family came to Key Largo, where her family has a house, for Christmas and New Years. Family is extremely important to the both of them so having theirs together was very special! They’ve also been able to travel quite a bit but nothing beats their trips to Italy - their favorite country!

Sebastien proposed in Key Largo on New Year's Eve during sunset! He had set the entire thing up with Ana’s family so her sisters and mom took her to get her nails and hair done while Sebastien and her dad double-checked the venue. Sebastien had the entire thing planned down to the reserved parking spot once they got to the place! Ana says, “When we got to the dock during sunset, there were rose petals leading us to a circle of rose petals where he got down on one knee and proposed! He hired a guitarist to play our song Yellow by Coldplay and even the guitarist was tearing up while he was singing. My family and a crowd of bystanders cheered when I said YES! We FaceTimed Sebastien’s family in Holland right away and loved ones that weren't there while popping a bottle of champagne! We celebrated our engagement at my parent's house afterward with a New Years party!” 

Together, they checked out diamonds and ring settings at the Clear Cut in New York City a month prior and ended up choosing a diamond over email after they got back to Amsterdam, so Ana had never seen the diamond they chose in person. She said, “ I was so excited to finally see it when he opened up that black box and put it on my finger! The ring is perfect, I find myself staring at it all the time!” 

As for their wedding, they’re still figuring out a location but they know they want to have it in France! Sebastien grew up going to the South of France every summer, where his parents have a house so either there or Sézanne in the Champagne region of France where Sebastien's dad is from. Either way, the wedding will be filled with lots of champagne, music, and their loved ones!


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