Clear Cut Couples: Alyssa and Michael

Alyssa and Michael have known each other since middle school, but didn’t become very close until high school. Shortly after college, they began dating. Neither of them are quite sure when exactly they started dating… seeing that they were good friends for so long before, the timeline seems a bit blurred. They both feel confident in saying six years though it may even be a bit longer than that!!

This is from the first wedding they ever went to together as friends in 2013!

Michael proposed on June 8th. Alyssa had come home from what seemed like the longest haircut ever (her stylist was instructed to stall so everything could be set nicely) to a peonie trail leading from the doorway of their apartment all the way out to the patio. It was just the two of them and very simple, but absolutely perfect! Alyssa says she was SO surprised! It is everything she ever could have imagined! 

On June 26, 2021 they will be getting married at Bonnet Island down in LBI. Since Michael is a teacher, they really both always love to take advantage of summer break so getting married at the beach seemed so perfect!! Congrats Alyssa and Michael!! We are SO happy for you!!

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