Clear Cut Couples: Natalie and Devanté

Natalie and Devanté met on a dark and story night… well kind of. They actually met during Hurricane Sandy which devastated much of the Northeast. They were both attending Seton Hall University where they'd opened up the cafeteria to all students for free meals. Devanté remembers seeing Natalie and immediately asking his friend "who is that?" Something about Natalie was different and she's owned a piece of his heart ever since then. Devanté says, “I'm happy to say that she has all of my heart now. I'm marrying my best friend!” (AWWW!)

Natalie and Devanté have known each other for about six years and dated for the past four. It's funny how their relationship evolved from ordering pizzas at midnight and prepping for exams, to still ordering pizza at a reasonable hour and leading teams at startups in The City.

While at dinner, Devanté’s friends snuck into their place and set everything up. "Will You Marry Me?" was in gold balloons with a heart made of rose petals and candles in front of it. His friend set up his camera and barely missed them. He didn't see the text saying "we're in the elevator" until the very last minute. LOL! It's pretty funny… you can see Devanté’s friend dart out of the camera's view about 30 seconds before they walked in. Talk about a close call!

Natalie's jaw hit the floor when she walked in. Devanté actually had to usher her to the middle of the room because she was frozen and speechless. After the fact, she says she kept reading it over and over and couldn't believe it was finally happening. As for the ring, she loves it! Devanté says, “I know some traditions have new rings every certain amount of years, but the men in Natalie's family have a tradition of their own that I'm quite fond of. The one you get is the one you keep! I wanted to make sure that Natalie would be happy with this ring now and in the future. When she said that this was her ‘forever ring,’ unprompted, I knew I'd done well.”

Natalie is from New York and Devanté spent his entire life in New Jersey, so Jersey City is their compromise. They get to have their ceremony in the State that Devanté loves while overlooking the City that Natalie cherishes. They don't have a date just yet, but have their eye on the Fall of 2020. Congrats Devanté and Natalie!! We are so happy for you!!!

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