Clear Cut Couples: Amber and Dave

Amber was at an event and met a lovely couple; Dave had come up in conversation as they had worked with him in the past. Amber had never met Dave, but had heard of him before. The couple suggested that they would be perfect for each other! They sent Dave a message on her behalf; nothing came of the message right away. A few weeks later, Dave sent Amber a message asking if she would cover the opening of a beautiful new restaurant and live music spot. She was excited because she thought he was setting this up to meet her! She arrived, and he was very professional, introduced himself and was going to leave, she quickly asked for a tour, and the rest is history!

After meeting for the first time, they agreed to go for dinner the next week. They both keep a busy schedule, so they ended up having a very unique first date! He came to her door with a gift; it was a book she shared that she had wanted to read. She knew then he was a good listener and very thoughtful. Amber works in the Museum field, and a new museum was opening. She was going for work, but had a plus one, so she invited Dave. He had an event at an Art Gallery that night, so they agreed to do both. After that date, they were inseparable! Their two year anniversary was September 13th of this year!

They share a love of travelling and dining. They have kept a book of all the restaurants they have been to in the past two years and a travel journal. They have had many amazing trips together; however, the most special was last summer. She took Dave to England to meet her Grandma for her 90th birthday! He was able to spend time with her whole family for a week. They then went on to Italy, just the two of them. Dave took her to Croatia to see his grandparents and where his family is from. They finished off the trip to Spain!

Amber said, “I now know months of planning when into this proposal. In June 2020, Dave gave me a book he had made about our love story, which would later be brought to the proposal as a guest book of sorts. On our cotton anniversary in September 2020, Dave gave me a beautiful dress that I would bring to Victoria.”

Amber’s mom and sister planned a girls trip to Victoria for early October 2020. Victoria is a special city for her; she went to University on the island and had many great memories. One of her best friends from University was in on the surprise as well. She messaged Amber before the trip and invited her mom and sister to accompany Amber to a Gala at the Fairmont Empress. That night, they stopped in the flower garden to take photos, from behind the flower came Dave. She said, “After the proposal was complete, I looked up to see he had flown in my Dad, his parents, his sister and her boyfriend! We are all about family, so the touch made it extra special!”

It was a complete shock, Dave was supposed to be back in Edmonton! She was stunned by the ring! She said, “Dave and I had spoken about what I wanted, but I wasn't really sure on a design. Dave was able to work with my sister and Olivia to create a ring that was my dream ring and I didn't even know it! I still can't believe it's mine.”

They have always planned on having a small wedding with their family and closest friends. They are looking at venues in Victoria BC and Iceland for early 2021!