Clear Cut Couples: Beth and Jason

 Beth and Jason were both living in NYC and met online through the dating app Bumble. They quickly arranged their first date and met after work on a warm Wednesday afternoon at an outdoor beer garden on the Upper East Side in October 2016. The two hit it off instantly that night and very quickly began dating. Both fell hard and fast!

A year into their relationship Beth had to move temporarily to Denver, CO for a job opportunity. Later that year she was flying into NYC on a Thursday night for a long weekend with Jason. Jason planned low-key night (or so she thought) in his apartment doing their favorite things: drinking Rosé, ordering pizza from their favorite spot, and lounging on the couch watching Friends. As soon as Beth got ready to settle in for the night, Jason led her to his balcony overlooking Central Park and proposed! Their “low-key” night took a turn!

They had a wonderful night enjoying their favorite things, including spending time with each other! The rest of the weekend was already packed full of brunches and dinners with family and friends! Everyone had known but Beth!

Beth was completely surprised. She and Jason had talked about getting engaged but she really thought he would propose over the summer during a trip to Italy once she had moved back to NYC! She was so happy and excited he did it earlier in May! Good job Jason!


When asked Beth said “I LOOOVEEEEE the ring!!” Jason had done some reconnaissance through his sister and Beth's sister and he knew she wanted a simple and classic design. Beth fell in love with the ring he picked out immediately! She can't imagine wearing anything else!

Beth and Jason have been together for 2 years and will get married the weekend before their three-year anniversary!

They are planning their wedding at the Castle Hill Inn in Newport, Rhode Island in September 2019! They can't wait to make it official!