Clear Cut Couples: Veronica and Roni

Veronica and Roni found love in a hopeless place: VEGAS! Veronica was in Vegas for a bachelorette party girls weekend and Roni was visiting from Sydney Australia, with his brother. It was love at first sight for the two of them. Within a week, they were already in a committed relationship. Ever since then, they’ve been inseparable and have been together for two years and three months. Over the course of 10 months, they each traveled to Sydney and New York City two times each, before Roni relocated to NYC -- some things are just meant to be.

On to the proposal! Roni told Veronica that a partner at his firm booked a room for Sunday at The Plaza, because of a long day of meetings on Monday, but had to cancel last minute. Roni was very nonchalant about the room and kept it casual, saying it was just the, “perks of the business.” It worked!

The two had a few drinks at the Champagne bar and headed out to Marea for dinner, but Roni had a surprise planned. He suggested they walk over to the Pulitzer fountain before dinner and he got down on one knee and asked Veronica to marry him.


She was so surprised -- and of course, said YES! She was blown away by the ring and loves the Emerald cut three stone diamond ring! The two plan on a beachside wedding in Hawaii next fall. It’s halfway between NYC and Sydney, Australia. Congratulations you two, we can't wait to hear about it!