Clear Cut Couples: Betsy and Joe

Betsy and Joe met at CareerBuilder while they were both working as sales reps. They were on the same team and both had significant others at the time, but became friends and starting hanging out together in groups.  They both went through break-ups right around the same time and starting hanging out together more and more. They eventually couldn't hide it any longer and started dating.

Betsy didn't find out until much later that this is what Joe had been planning for awhile :)

Betsy and Joe have now been together for over 5 years!

When it came time to pop the question, Joe came to me to help create the perfect ring for Betsy. He chose a gorgeous round brilliant diamond set with a delicate pave diamond band.

During July 4th weekend, Betsy and Joe went to her family’s lake house in upper west Iowa. Betsy has gone to the lake house every summer of her life, and it holds a very special place in her heart. Betsy and Joe had been out on her boat all day and planned on taking the boat to a quick dinner with her cousin and his fiancé. They walked down to the dock and were “waiting” for the other two to meet them. Joe asked if Betsy wanted to take a selfie on the dock, which she thought was a bit odd, but she agreed. As he was taking the photo he said “Last selfie as a single woman!” and bent down on one knee. Betsy was in complete shock and of course said “YES!”

Betsy and Joe plan on getting married in Illinois next summer.