Clear Cut Couples: Carly and Nicolas

Carly and Nicolas met at work a little over 3 years ago; Nicolas was the Sous Chef at Per Se, and Carly was one of the events coordinators. Nicolas will always say "She didn't want anything to do with me back then. She wouldn't even smile at me" – since they didn't start dating until after Carly left the job. But, the truth is, Carly always thought he was handsome and couldn't resist being attractive to his talent and skill...She just wanted to keep it professional.

Their first date was pure bliss. They hopped around the city to 4 different places. Carly says, “The fact that I put plans into someone else's hands so effortlessly and so naturally went along for the ride, I knew he was something special to me.” One of the main arteries of Carly and Nicolas’ relationship is their shared passion for dining and experiencing new places through the lens of food. 

Carly and Nicolas have been "officially" dating for over 2 years now.

I was beyond excited to help Nicolas create Carly’s perfect ring. I knew for a while that she had wanted something classic and timeless that would complement her personal style. Nicolas chose and incredible D-color Round Brilliant diamond that we had set in a knife edge six prong solitaire ring.

Nicolas proposed at Natirar, a gorgeous estate in Carly’s parent's hometown of Far Hills, NJ. On the estate, there is a hiking trail where they take their puppy, Mosley. On Christmas Eve Day, they took Mosley out there for a hike, and Nicolas proposed at a beautiful vantage point along the walk. It was muddy as can be, but he still got down on one knee and asked Carly to marry him. Carly was in such shock she replied "Holy Shit! Holy Shit!" at first, instead of "yes."

They then went back to Carly’s parents’ home, where they were greeted with vintage Dom Perignon by the fire (they actually had two bottles because Carly’s dad bought some not knowing Nick got some as well!) They finished off the evening with a fantastic meal cooked by Nicolas.

Carly and Nicolas are getting married on October 28, 2017 at the Gramercy Park Hotel on the terrace, a place they have always loved going to as a couple. They look forward to having an elegant and intimate affair with close family and friends.