Clear Cut Couples: Bridgette and Max

Bridgette and Max met through mutual friends in high school almost eight and a half years ago! Their first date was dinner and a movie. They went to a local restaurant and then went to see the movie Unbroken at the movie theater. Although they have not watched the movie since then, they will not forget it - mainly because it featured a jump scare scene that only Max jumped at in the theater!

They have shared countless memories since then! They have been long distance for most of their relationship and would take turns driving across the Midwest throughout college to see each other! They have seen most of the country together with some of their favorite memories during those road trips! They have seen the sunrise in Maine, they’ve seen the sunset in California and they’ve danced in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans! Their favorite trip was their New England road trip that they took in Fall of 2021. They traveled all of New England and were fortunate enough to see the most beautiful sunrises and eat THE BEST seafood the whole trip!

Max proposed on November 1st of 2021. They went to a local winery near Bridgette's Graduate School in Pennsylvania that they had been to a few times. At the winery, there was a tripod to take some pictures when Max got down on one knee and asked the question!

It was a total surprise! Bridgette loved the ring at first sight! Bridgette had sent Max The Clear Cut posts for a few months prior to the engagement and he made sure to take notes on what she liked!

They are planning on getting married near their hometown of Plainfield, Illinois in October of 2023 surrounded by their friends and family! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photos by: @nicholebabiezphotography