Clear Cut Couples: Conner and Lucinda

Conner and Lucinda met via mutual friends who took it upon themselves to play matchmaker! They had both known who the other was for some time, but never really talked much even though Conner was interested in  Lucinda for at least a year.

One of his friends had been dating Lucinda’s friend, and they must have been fed up waiting for them to figure out that they were meant to be together, so they took matters into their own hands. Over a period of several months, their friends had planned get-togethers and made group dinner or going-out plans. Every time, they invited both Conner and Lucinda along to make sure that they were getting opportunities to spend time around each other.

Eventually it was enough. One Saturday afternoon at a football tailgate, they were chatting it up as they had at this point several times before. As Lucinda was leaving to head into the game, Conner finally worked up the courage. He asked what she was doing after the game and suggested just the two of them hang out. She said that he should just text her, and he told her that he didn’t have her number. Walking away, she turned over her shoulder with a sly grin and said, “You should fix that!” He was out-smoothed and out of his league! From there it was over - they hit it off and never looked back. They actually call that day, the day they started dating because they were both head over heels.

Conner proposed to Lucinda in her favorite spot on her family’s property. He tried his best to keep it a secret but unfortunately, Lucinda could be an intelligence analyst for the CIA. They ended up admitting to each other that they both knew, so they decided to go out and do it anyway. It still turned out awesome!

As for their wedding, Lucinda is going to finish PA school and they plan to get married soon after she graduates. Lucinda has a dream of visiting every national park in the US, so after they get married they plan to travel and see as much as they can. They have already started a coffee mug collection of the parks they have been to together.

They are so excited to start the next chapter in their lives and we are so excited for the two of you! Congrats! 


Photos by: @brandiekayphotography