Clear Cut Couples: Brittney and Kevin

Brittney and Kevin met in October of 2010 at their mutual friend’s birthday party in college at the University of Florida (UF). After they met they were inseparable. However, Brittney and Kevin were both already set to study abroad the following semesters – Kevin went to Barcelona Spring of 2011 and Brittney went to Beijing Summer of 2011. Even though they knew they’d be apart for 6 months, they continued to hang out and decided to see where their journey would take them.

Brittney and Kevin managed to keep in touch throughout the 6 months and once they returned to UF in the Fall, they decided to make their relationship official.

After graduation, Kevin took a job in NYC while Brittney finished her last semester at UF. It was a lifelong dream of Brittney’s to move to the city so while they had a short stint of long distance, it all worked out and Brittney joined Kevin in NYC at the beginning of 2013.

After being together 7 years, Brittney kind of knew they would get engaged soon-ish. However, they were in no rush and Kevin always told Brittney beginning of 2018 so he could “save” for the ring. Kevin completely surprised Brittney by proposing at Daniels on October 6th 2017, which was the same date they met 7 years before.

The week before the proposal Brittney kept teasing Kevin about planning a date night (in true girlfriend fashion). So on a Tuesday night Kevin said, “fine, don’t make any plans for Friday. I’m planning us a night out.” Since that’s only 3 days to find a reservation in NYC, Brittney thought to herself, there’s no way Kevin is going to find a good restaurant. It turns out Kevin had called Daniel’s and begged them for a table and Kevin got it!!

The night of their engagement, Kevin told Brittney to meet him at Bryant Park where Kevin would escort Brittney to their “surprise” dinner. At this point, Brittney literally had NO clue where they were going. When Brittney turned the corner and saw Daniel’s, Brittney was over the moon with excitement since Brittney had wanted to go there FOREVER. Kevin was extra enthusiastic about this date night so once Brittney saw Daniel’s, she figured that’s why Kevin was so excited and didn’t think anything of it.

After they sat down, the waiter brought over two glasses of champagne which Brittney just thought were part of their tasting menu. As Brittney watched him pour her glass, she didn’t realize Kevin had dropped the ring off earlier that day and that the waiter had slipped it to him while she wasn’t looking. Before Brittney knew it, Kevin was on one knee with the most beautiful ring! He chose a gorgeous round brilliant diamond set in a 18K yellow gold solitaire ring. It was literally everything Brittney had ever wanted. Tears started falling down Brittney’s face and luckily Kevin had booked a very intimate, private table in the corner so they could enjoy the moment alone.

It was the perfect moment and Brittney’s “dream proposal” (she’s a huge foodie). The funny thing is that Kevin originally had the ring dropped off so they could bring it out on a display during dessert but Kevin got so nervous that he told them to bring it out earlier so Kevin could relax and enjoy the food. Brittney is happy Kevin did so since they both could soak in the moment over a delicious meal.

She loved the ring as she wanted something simple and timeless that she could stack bands on top of.


They have been together a total of 7 years and enjoy traveling, eating and anything that has to do with nature. Brittney and Kevin recently moved to Downtown Brooklyn from their first apartment in the Upper East Side. Kevin works in Marketing Compliance and Brittney is a Regional Account Manager at LinkedIn.

Brittney and Kevin both are from Florida, so along with their family and closest friends, they chose to get married on Palm Beach at the Brazilian Court on March 2, 2019. Just to keep the theme going, the same chef of Daniel’s (where they got engaged) just opened his new restaurant Café Boulud at the Brazilian Court. That’s where their reception will take place and Daniel will be catering the food. It will be a small, intimate wedding with only 75 people.