Clear Cut Couples: Sara and Matt

Matt and Sara became friends while attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Shortly after Matt graduated, they were re-introduced by a mutual best friend, Andrew, during a night out on Long Island over the summer. They danced the night away and ate Little Vincent’s famous pizza (topped with cold shredded cheese, of course).

That magical night in the summer of 2012 sparked a lasting relationship between Matt and Sara, and they have been together ever since (5.5 years)!

Coincidentally, the night of their engagement was nothing short of “magical” as well.

It was a Friday evening when Matt and Sara planned to have dinner at the NoMad
Hotel and see The Magician (Dan White), an intimate performance showcasing the art of magic, illusion, and deception. When the tickets were purchased several months prior, Sara says she was sure they’d be getting engaged that evening. However, Matt did a fabulous job convincing Sara during the months leading up to the show that he was not ready to propose to her.

So when the night came, Sara was certain that she and Matt were not getting engaged because Sara’s parents were vacationing in the Caribbean and Matt's sister was planning to visit the following weekend. To Sara, this was just another [fun] night out with Matt in New York City.

They dined at the NoMad restaurant and later were stunned by Dan White's magic performance.

After a nightcap at the hotel bar, Matt and Sara grabbed their coats and walked to the exit, but just when Sara went to open the door, Matt pulled her and said, “Sara, I have one more magic trick for you.” Matt whipped out a hotel room key and led her to the elevator. He had Sara open the door to their spacious suite and walk down a narrow hallway with rose petals on the floor. Matt knelt on one knee and proposed. It was 2AM on November 11th, National Singles Day.

The next day, Matt and Sara's closest friends surprised Sara at their apartment for champagne and brunch. Sara's parents flew back from the Caribbean early and Matt's sister came in from Florida to have dinner with the whole family. Later, they all went to karaoke, and Sara insisted they all go on stage and sing “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge. They killed it.

Sara was shocked & surprised by the entire event! She could not believe Matt pulled off such a fantastic evening and got her the beautiful engagement ring she had been eyeing- a gorgeous round brilliant diamond set in a 6 prong platinum solitaire ring. In her mind, he went above and beyond.

Matt and Sara are getting married on May 26th, 2019 at the Bourne Mansion on Long Island.