Clear Cut Couples: Connor and Jessica

Jessica and Connor met at a bar while out with overlapping friend groups. Connor had just taken an online Harry Potter quiz that sorted him into the Gryffindor house. He excitedly shared the news with the group and Jessica overheard. As a Harry Potter lover, that's all it took. They went out on a date a few days later.

The sorting hat was correct, and they have been together for 5 years now, have shared 4 apartments, and have lived in 3 different cities.

Their engagement happened during the intense "Bomb Cyclone" weekend in NYC. Regardless of the freezing temperatures and downfall of snow, they decided to bundle up and walk through Central Park to the Met. During the walk, Connor led them to their favorite part of the park (The Ramble). On a snowy, isolated path near the lake, Connor got on one knee and asked Jessica to marry him.

Jessica was shocked! She had spent the previous month hinting that they shouldn't get married for at least a few more years. Jessica was convinced that she wanted to wait. But Connor knew better, and when he asked her during their walk in Central Park, she was completely surprised.

Connor chose an cushion cut diamond on an 18K yellow gold solitaire ring. Jessica loved the ring at first sight. She thought it was both elegant and classic. Everything from the cut of the diamond to size of the band was perfect.

Connor and Jessica will be getting married next summer in the wine country of Eastern Washington state (where they are both from).