Clear Cut Couples: Brody and Andrea

Andrea and Brody met on a blind date while living in Amarillo, TX. Brody was practicing at a law firm and one of the partners wives worked with her best friend. On a work trip they started talking about this new sweet young lawyer that they wanted to set up. The couple from the firm had actually been set up on a blind date themselves years before and were always hoping to return the favor by setting up someone else. Ultimately Andrea’s friend told the partner’s wife that she had one friend in mind. So, they met on a cold December evening for drinks at a local bar and the rest was history! That date led to another and another and Andrea said, “I was head over heels shortly there after!”

They met for drinks at a local bar called OHMS. They were there for hours talking about everything… Andrea called the friend that set them up after the date and told her that he was perfect, but that she was afraid he wouldn’t call again because she couldn’t stop talking! Much to her relief, he reached out asking if she was free for brunch the next weekend. They both almost canceled the first date, nerves almost got the best of them! Andrea said, “Still so grateful we both decided to show up!” They have been together for three years since!

They love traveling to Santa Fe, NM! The food and cocktails are unmatched and it is where they took their first trip as a couple, and have celebrated big milestones such as promotions and birthdays. They have endured some major changes over the years, including surviving the anxiety of working as a healthcare worker during the pandemic, making a big move away from their families in West Texas/Southwest Oklahoma to Dallas, TX. Through it all they have learned to tackle these obstacles as a team. Truly they have become best friends over the years.

Andrea said, “I will never forget shortly after we started dating, at the beginning of 2019 I came down with the flu. It was terrible that year and our clinic was flooded with flu patients. It was only a matter of time until I joined them. One evening while I was home I had a knock on my door and Brody had delivered a care package with a sweet card that had a golden retriever on the front…I have a dog named Charlie who I adore…I remember getting butterflies in my stomach thinking there is no way this guy can be this sweet! I think it was the little things even early on that made me know he was the one.”

They also took a big trip to New York City early on in their relationship for a wedding. They loved exploring the city, it was the first time either of them had been and they found out quickly that they traveled really well together and both enjoyed going to art museums, trying out new types of food, seeking out the historical treasures in the city.

They also cherished their time during the early stages of quarantine because it gave them special time together. They were used to being so busy, going to benefits and meetings and dinners for work. They found themselves with an open schedule for the first time since they met. They played board games, cooked together, took a million walks with Charlie, their golden retriever! It was a very sweet time, and that is when they really got to know each other on a deeper level and provided each other with a lot of support during that uncertain time.

They traveled to Vail when the proposal happened! It has been a very busy year with a move, new jobs and a new city. They were staying right off the Gore Creek Trail and had spent the day having a great brunch and reading and spending time at the pool. When they first arrived in Vail it had started snowing, the first snow of the season and it was magical. Some of the yellow leaves were still on the trees and the snow was coming straight down like a snow globe.

In the afternoon on Friday the 15th Brody said he wanted to take a walk. They were strolling along the trail and Brody led her closer to the stream. He hugged her and his heart was racing. She remembered thinking “what is going on”? He then got down on one knee and asked if she would marry him, the easiest “yes….YES!!!” That she has ever said! They then strolled along the path for over an hour.”Andrea said, “I was in shock and bursting with excitement that I hardly recognized where we were when we turned back around on the trail. We talked about how this meant that we would get to do everything together, we even came back and carved our initials and the date in the tree so in the future we can bring our kids back to show them!”

It was a complete surprise for Andrea and the ring was more than she could have ever dreamed of. She had given him some ideas but she said that The Clear Cut “delivered way beyond my expectations! It is perfect! Can’t believe I get to wear it for the rest of my life!”


They are planning an intimate spring wedding in Santa Fe, New Mexico 2022. The place where they first traveled and have spent so many special trips! Andrea said, “I still can’t get over the fact I get to marry my best friend! …also I swore I would always elope but I guess as Carrie Bradshaw said in Sex and the City…the ring (dress for Carrie) upped the ante!”