Clear Cut Couples: Max and Daniela

Max and Daniela’s story started like any other, with economics! After crossing paths outside an exam in 2015 their supply of long-distance grew with each semester Daniela studied abroad and each month that Max worked out-of-state. In 2018 their demand to be together brought them both to D.C., separated only by the National Mall. They have been together for 6 years and have shared so many incredible memories!

They have made an effort to walk the monuments as often as possible. This gave them the opportunity to see many of the city’s historic landmarks and the time to connect over genuine conversation. After temporarily moving back to Michigan in June 2021, they knew those walks would be the moments that they’d miss most.

During a visit to the West Coast in July, they made plans to walk, or hike rather, a favorite trail in Oregon, the Trail of Ten Falls. Now, up to this point Max had planned to ask Daniela to marry him at the Lincoln Memorial on a cloudless morning in D.C. with the sun rising over the reflection pool. But he couldn’t wait.

He proposed 5 miles in and Daniela was, naturally, at a loss for words. She’d just been proposed to after lacing up her hiking boots for the first time. They ran the last two miles of the hike for a surprise reservation he had made at a local winery to celebrate. It was perfect.

The proposal was a complete surprise and the ring exceeded their expectations! They are getting married June 10, 2022 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Daniela’s family lives in Mexico and they wanted to get married in a location that was special to the two of them and allow them to share a piece of Mexican culture with their guests.