Clear Cut Couples: Bryan and Liz

In college, Bryan first heard about Liz through mutual friends who were trying to set them up (unbeknownst to them both) – and after hearing about her incredible sense of humor, he wanted to meet Liz himself. At a party one night sophomore year, Bryan noticed how great the music was and wanted to commend the DJ (Bryan played the music at his parties). He soon realized the DJ was Liz – the girl he had heard so much about from all his friends. An incredible sense of humor and great taste in music – too good to be true… Shortly after Bryan introduced himself, Liz had to go back to her dorm for the night – but left her iPod for everyone to enjoy. Bryan knew he missed his chance to get Liz’s number, but had a plan… After the party was over, Bryan “borrowed” Liz’s iPod to make sure it was returned safely. He messaged Liz on social media first thing in the morning to arrange a drop-off – and the rest is history. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Friends joke about it being a modern day “Cinderella story.”

Their first date was a double date with friends. Sparks were flying between them. They couldn’t believe how much they had in common and why it took them to meet each other. At one point, Bryan let it slip that one of his favorite movies was “The Cat in The Hat” – but instead of being shocked that anyone would like that movie, let alone have it considered a favorite, Liz responded “wait, seriously? It’s mine too!” And no, she wasn’t trying to make Bryan feel better. While they don’t remember much about the first date aside from that moment – they do know they were trying to make each other laugh the entire time. They’ve been together for seven years since then – through college, studying abroad, their first jobs, long distance, and even a global pandemic!

After graduation, Liz and Bryan had a long distance relationship for 3 years. They traveled to see each other as often as they could, but always planned trips to look forward to in between. From Budapest to road-tripping the west coast, it was these weeks away with one another that they treasure most. Last year, Bryan was able to relocate to New York City where they have started a new life together, with family and close friends nearby.

Upon starting their relationship, Bryan knew that Liz would be studying abroad in Florence, Italy the following fall. He spent the summer working in Fire Island and saved up enough to visit her during her semester abroad. Liz and Bryan took a special trip to Florence, on the same date 5 years later and stayed on the street she lived while abroad. It was the most special trip to them and a testament to how far they come and how much they have grown.

Bryan proposed on Sunday, July 12 in Vermont on Echo Lake. Echo Lake is a very special place for Bryan – he and his entire family have been visiting there his entire life and it has since turned into a second home. Liz has been joining Bryan’s entire family every summer since they started dating. Bryan and Liz were luckily even able to quarantine in Vermont to escape NYC. Bryan knew then, there was no place more perfect to ask her to marry him. And so he did – with an incredible backdrop of the lake!

The proposal was a complete surprise! Bryan and his parents conspired, and his parents treated them to a dinner what Liz thought was for Bryan’s birthday coming up. It was their first time going out to dinner in 4 months due to COVID-19. Liz was especially excited because they are always exploring new restaurants in the city. She did her makeup and wore a nice dress, all part of Bryan’s plan. Bryan’s brother’s girlfriend even tried to get Liz to paint her nails, and when Liz declined – that’s when Bryan knew she had no idea.

On the way home, Bryan asked if they could stop by the famous lookout point of Echo Lake to take a selfie for his grandma. They tried to snap a few pics until Liz spotted a photographer (pretending to take pictures of the lake). Little did she know, this was the photographer that would capture their engagement. What happened next was totally unplanned. Liz asked the photographer if he felt comfortable taking the picture for them. Bryan was surprised, but laughing inside because this was classic Liz, she will talk to anyone. The photographer snapped a few pictures and played it cool, pretending to meet Bryan for the first time. They took a short walk down to the lake and Bryan proposed. Liz was so surprised she forgot to say yes until the neighbors across the street asked, “Is that a yes!?” After a “yes, yes, absolutely yes!” they clapped and cheered. Liz was blown away by the ring. It is so classic and timeless!

Liz and Bryan plan to get married in the greater NYC area near their families and close friends, hopefully during warm weather. They are already creating their wedding playlist, because what is more important than that!