Clear Cut Couples: Catherine and Donovan

Catherine and Donovan met at a bar in Austin during a night out with friends. They were both dating other people at the time. Little did they know that night that they had met the person they were going to marry!

After the night they met, Donovan patiently waited to see if Catherine would become single again. Sure enough, she did, and he asked his good friend to set up a double date. It took a couple of months, but eventually they locked down a date! They went to dinner at ATX Cocina with their good friends, Kylie and Joe. After dinner, their friends went home, and Donovan asked her out for a nightcap. At the end of that night, they both knew that it was the beginning of something very special. They have been together for a year and a half since then!

On their first date, Catherine had told Donovan that her favorite city was Hong Kong. A couple days after their date, Donovan left for Myanmar to go on a medical mission. The day he flew back to Austin, he took her on a date. Catherine said, “He showed up at my door with a gift for me from Hong Kong. I was completely floored as it was only our second date and I couldn't believe he did something so thoughtful!”

The first year that they were together, they were doing long distance. Donovan was living in San Antonio and finishing up his last year of residency and Catherine was living and working in Austin. They would see each other 3-4 times a week and spend their weekends together in either Austin or San Antonio. After graduation, Donovan moved to Austin for a 2 year fellowship. Being in the same city has been amazing! No more 4AM drives back to Austin/San Antonio to make it to work on time, and they’re living together in a really great spot in Austin. One of their favorite things to do together is waking up together on the weekends, getting coffee (Winnie gets a puppuccino of course) and taking Winnie on a walk at their favorite park or in their neighborhood.

They have travelled together to San Francisco, Nashville, and have made a couple of short weekend getaways to some hill country towns in West Texas. COVID, has made it really difficult to travel, so they’ve had to postpone the trips that they had planned for 2020. However, 2021 is going to be packed with a lot of travel!

Donovan proposed on Christmas! For Christmas, Donovan's parents came to Austin to celebrate with and meet her family. On Christmas night, they all opened presents together. The very last present under the tree was from Donovan to me. When she opened the present, inside the box was a movie ticket that said "admit one", and on the lid of the box was The Clear Cut's slogan. Once she saw that, she was suspicious about what was about to happen. She immediately started crying and out of nowhere a movie started playing. The beginning of the video was a slideshow of pictures of her as a kid, saying "you've come a long way" (lol) and that was followed by "and so have we", which led into pictures of Catherine and Donovan throughout their relationship. Catherine said. “The video ended with each of my family members and Donovan's family telling me all the things they loved about me. I was crying throughout the entire video. At the end of the video, Donovan said that my dog, Winnie, had one last gift for me. She came out wearing a very fancy collar which had the ring tied to it. He then got down on one knee and proposed and with zero hesitation I said yes!”

It was a total surprise for Catherine! Since none of them had gone anywhere or done anything in 2020, they decided that they should all dress up on Christmas day to celebrate and make it special. Catherine didn't think anything of it.  Also, since all of her family was in on it, they made sure to give nothing away and make it seem like it was going to be a normal Christmas. Donovan and Catherine had also agreed that they weren't going to buy each other Christmas presents since they were planning a lot of trips for 2021, so she wasn't expecting anything.

“Once Donovan put the ring on my finger, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was and that it was my ring! Even now I'm constantly staring at it, taking pictures, and nudging Donovan to look at it and admire it with me! I am completely obsessed! It's truly so beautiful and I feel very lucky to have gotten my dream ring. I love how beautiful the diamond is, how thin the gold band is, how the platinum prongs blend in with the diamond, and the extra sparkle the hidden halo adds! It really does sparkle from every angle!”

Since they worked with Olivia virtually to design the engagement ring, they have decided that they are going to make a trip to New York next year to pick out their wedding bands in person! They are getting married in Croatia, July 2022! They can't wait! They wanted to have a destination wedding that was somewhere unique, warm, and a place where neither of them had been. Croatia checked all the boxes and was the perfect spot! Congrats you two!! We are SO happy for you!