Clear Cut Couples: Daniela and Daniel

Daniela and Daniel have known each other since they were 15 or 16 living in Miami. They were in similar social circles, but never went out until much later! Daniela was living in Miami at the time and Daniel was in New York. They reconnected when she visited some friends in New York around Halloween in 2015 and then they had their first date in Miami when Daniel came to visit his family for Thanksgiving. After about a year of dating long-distance, Daniela finally pulled the trigger and moved to New York. They’ve now been together for over 4 years.

Moving to New York was a big step for their relationship. The plan was this: Daniela would stay with Daniel and his roommate for about two weeks while she settled into the city and found an apartment. It turned out his roommate got a job offer out of the country and had to leave ASAP! It made sense at the time for her to sublease his room for the rest of the month while she figured things out. 6 months later the lease was up and she never moved out! They then decided to get an apartment together that felt more like a home. AWWW!

Daniel proposed while they were on vacation in Menorca, Spain. They had been traveling for about a week and a half and had been in Paris before that, so Daniela was definitely on high alert for a proposal! While in Menorca, they planned to go horseback riding, which she had been asking to do for a long time. She suspected a proposal, but Daniel pulled a last-minute maneuver that really threw Daniela off! He colluded with the owner of the stables to tell her that they were waiting for "the rest of their group" to arrive so they could start the ride. Knowing Daniel, he would never propose in a group setting so she was totally not expecting it that day!!

A few minutes later, the owner informed them that "the rest of the group" was running late and they couldn't wait any longer. They set off on their horses to a beautiful beach with very few people on it. They got off their horses and took a couple of pictures. Daniel asked her to climb on top of some rocks with him in order to get a better view of the beach. She reluctantly agreed (thankfully!) and that's where he proposed.

When it actually happened, Daniela was totally surprised!! Daniel finally pulled the ring out of his pocket (where he had been keeping it while they were galloping!) and it was more beautiful than Daniela could have imagined. They are planning on getting married in Medellin, Colombia in early 2021. Congrats Daniela and Daniel!! We are SO happy for you!!

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