Clear Cut Couples: Lynn and Greg

Lynn and Greg met over 10 years ago through mutual friends, but they didn't see each other too often, maybe a few times a year. One of Lynn’s best friends from growing up went to college with his best friend growing up, so they would see each other when those two would organize big get togethers for all their friends.
Lynn’s friend got married in February 2018, and it was then that Greg asked her out on a date. Lynn was hesitant at first because she had known him for many years, but never thought of dating him. He convinced her that there was no harm in one date.

For their first date, it was in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm, but Lynn had already committed to the date so… she was going no matter what. They ended up going axe throwing and had a great time! Since then, they were together for a year and a half before he proposed.

They both feel so lucky to have found each other and to know that they were right under each other's noses for so many years is unimaginable! Once they started dating, all of their friends couldn't believe they hadn't thought of setting them up years ago because to them, "this makes so much sense!" Lynn just tells them it's all about the right timing :)

Greg proposed in Astoria Park. When they got there, there were a lot of events going on which in hindsight to Lynn, explains why Greg must have been stressed since it delayed the actual proposal! Greg had said they were meeting a friend and their daughter in the park, after a little while of sitting on the grass and taking in the surroundings, he stood up and asked her to stand up as well. Since Lynn was quite comfortable (LOL), she told him that she was okay and didn't need to stand up. He took her hands to help her stand up, they were shaking, and that's when she knew what was happening.

After the proposal, they went and met her parents, sister and her fiance, and Greg's parents for lunch and then headed into the city later that night where all of their family and friends were waiting to celebrate with them. It was the most special day!!
They had discussed their future plans so she knew getting engaged was something that would happen for them, but didn't know it would happen in August!! She thought it would be later in the year. The ring was perfect! It is exactly what she wanted. She had dropped hints to him of what she envisioned and of course, her sister knew exactly what she wanted and helped guide him. Right now, they’re in the middle of wedding planning and are hoping for the fall of 2020. Congrats Lynn and Greg!! We are SO happy for you!!

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