Clear Cut Couples: Virginia and Kevin

Virginia and Kevin met briefly several years ago through a dear, mutual friend. They both grew up in Nashville and went to college in Nashville, but at two different universities just a mile or so down the road from each other. After college, they both moved around a little bit; Kevin ended up in San Francisco and Virginia ended up in New York. They always kept up with each other, but never really spent time hanging out. After Virginia ended up moving back to Nashville a couple years ago, they talked about trying to find a time to get together during one of his trips home over the holidays, but they were never able to coordinate the timing. Finally, they were both in Florida over Memorial Day Weekend last year, so they had their first date! Since then, they have been together for over a year now!

Kevin proposed over Memorial Day Weekend 2019 – May 25th to be exact :). One of their favorite places to visit is the beach in the panhandle of Florida and they had a trip planned for Memorial Day weekend this year to celebrate one year of being together! The night he proposed, their plan was to eat dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, George’s, in Alys Beach. They put their name on the waiting list and decided to walk around the neighborhood until their table was ready. They walked around and ended up at a stunning spot – it’s a beautiful, hidden green with a stunning view of the gulf. They walked up the stairs to look at the ocean and the next thing Virginia remembers, Kevin was down on one knee! He asked her to be his forever — she said YES!

The engagement was a HUGE surprise for many reasons: Kevin wanted it to be such a surprise that the only person that knew about him proposing was Virginia’s dad. Their friends and other family members had no idea which made it a surprise for everyone else too! Virginia was also super surprised because of the ring – they never discussed looking at rings, the rings she liked, or anything! Virginia just knew she would have a timeline in mind once they discussed marriage. She remembers looking down while Kevin was on one knee and seeing the most beautiful diamond sparkling on the thinnest, most dainty, band she had ever seen. It’s the most perfect ring in the world for her!! She loves the tiny band and the extra touch of a hidden halo underneath.

They’re excited to start the planning process! Now, they are just enjoying being engaged, but can’t wait to have a big celebration with their closest friends and family surrounding them. Congrats Virginia and Kevin!! We are SO happy for you!!

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