Clear Cut Couples: Danielle and Danny

Danielle and Danny had mutual friends and they didn’t even know it! They met by chance when Danielle went to see a few bands play—and Danny’s band happened to be one of them. Danielle’s friend had people over at her house after the show, and Danny was there. That’s when the two started talking. Danielle doesn’t remember if she gave Danny her number, but he found her afterward and asked if she wanted to hang out. They didn’t know it at the time, but that was the start of something special that would last a lifetime. Their wedding day this year will be their 15th (!!!!) anniversary! The two said they took their time getting to know each other, and throughout the years, have become soulmates.


Danielle knew a proposal was coming, but she had no idea how Danny would do it or when. One Sunday night last fall, she thought they were just going for a walk in Central Park and dinner after, which they often do since they live close by. Danny started leading her their usual path, and they got a little “lost.” All of a sudden, they were in a corner of the park that Danielle had never been to before, and a couple was singing. She thought that they were just regular performers until they started playing a song they love—and Danny got down on one knee. Clearly, Danielle said YES! They played a few more of their favorites, then they headed to dinner at the Boathouse where Danielle’s family was waiting to surprise her. They returned to the park earlier this year to take formal engagement shots. It's a beautiful, special place to them.


The ring wasn’t a total surprise to Danielle, but she LOVES her round brilliant half bezel nonetheless! Danny knew the diamond size, cut and setting style that Danielle wanted, so they met with Olivia together. Once they settled on a stone and a design plan, Danielle stepped out of the process. That way, the ring still felt like somewhat of a surprise to Danielle, since she hadn’t actually seen it before—in a picture or IRL.

They recently got married in New Jersey, mini-mooned in Mexico for a few days after the big day and looking forward to planning a longer honeymoon for the fall in Morocco and Greece. Congrats Danielle and Danny -- we are so happy for you!!