Clear Cut Couples: Erika and Mitch

Mitch and Erika met while working at Lululemon in Santa Barbara! They both had just graduated and were trying to navigate their next steps. They are really passionate about being healthy and staying active as they both played sports in college. They bonded over workouts and adventures in Santa Barbara as they were both getting over break ups and confided in each other for advice and support.

After spending a lot of time together working out and bopping around Santa Barbara before and after work, Mitch asked her if she wanted to meet up with him later for dinner and a movie. She laughed because it seemed so official. She asked him jokingly if it was a date, and Mitch responded, "yes... I think it can be our first official date." Erika said, “It was by far one of the best nights and felt as if we had been dating forever.” AWW! They are coming up on their 5 year anniversary soon!

They have shared so many incredible memories through the years! They started their relationship during a very transitional point in both their lives and careers. Erika is an event designer and Mitch is a firefighter. When they started dating, they both were deep diving into those careers which meant a lot of time apart and navigating through the highs and lows of chasing both their dreams. Erika said, “We wouldn't have it any other way as we grew so much as individuals and as a relationship by supporting, loving, and encouraging those dreams for each other. We both know we wouldn't be where we are without each other and the love given during the hard times.” Mitch now has his dream job with Orange County Fire Authority and Erika has her own event design company, ARRAY Creative Design. 

Mitch proposed in the most special way possible! With him being gone 2-4 days a week with his work schedule, they cherish the time they have together. They do weekly picnics around Santa Barbara and with COVID-19, have loved getting take out from their favorite restaurants. They were celebrating the launch of ARRAY and Mitch planned a special picnic at their favorite bluff spot in SB. They picked up their favorite food from the Lark SB and were planning on getting cocktails after sunset. As the sun was setting, Mitch wanted to look over the bluffs to see if they should walk the beach before grabbing drinks.

As they walked to the edge, he grabbed her hand and said he had to ask her a question. Erika said, “As I turned around, I saw him drop to a knee and pull the most perfect ring out of his pocket. He had some of my favorite friends and talented vendors there to capture the moment... the rest was just perfection. It was a total surprise! Watch their proposal video below:



This year has been a whirlwind of emotions being in the industry and having to postpone so many events. Mitch and I had talked about getting engaged but didn't think it was going to happen when it did. When I saw the ring, I was speechless. It was everything I wanted and more!”

As for their wedding plans, they have decided to just enjoy the engagement as much as they can during this time. They hope to dive into the planning process as 2021 starts, but right now they just want to enjoy this moment. Congrats Erika and Mitch!!