Clear Cut Couples: Evan and Laine

Evan and Laine met on Hinge! Neither of them had really tried dating apps, but it definitely worked out! They had their first date down on the Wharf in Washington, DC. Laine was 45 minutes late to the first date, and the rooftop bar Evan had planned on going to was completely full (with no reservations). They decided to walk the strip and found a cute little rose bar right on the water and ended up talking there until it was dark out. Evan did most of the talking and after a while they found their way to swings on the side of the dock. They both stayed up way past their bedtime for a Thursday night. Since then, they have been together for about 2.5 years! 

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! Laine will be quick to point out that she ran over Evan's foot with her car and he still felt bad and brought her flowers after she spent the whole afternoon bawling (Evan thought it was funny and laughed the whole time, which probably didn't help).Their best memories include: a fun trip to Napa and San Francisco and of course, Laine's first Michigan football game in the Big House against Ohio State! If she can stick with Evan after a string of brutal losses, then she can stick with him through anything. LOL!

Evan proposed on a Monday morning at 6am on the beach down at Virginia Beach, VA where they go every August. Laine is not a morning person. For example, when Evan first asked Laine to be his girlfriend a little too early in the morning, she grunted, "ugh", and Evan wanted to give her a second chance. Laine wouldn't even let him finish his little speech before she said yes this time. Her mom was down on the beach to take pictures, but of course she followed the wrong couple against their silhouette in the sunrise!

The proposal was a total surprise. The original plan had been to do it in October when all of their friends could safely fly into town to celebrate when they thought COVID would be over by then (Ha!), but Evan's mom slipped and told them she couldn't wait to come visit us in October. Laine instantly knew. So Evan had to move it up, and kept feeding the "October Surprise" to sell Laine on the fact that he wasn't going to move the original plan.

As for their wedding, they haven’t set anything in stone, but since Evan loves planning, he will probably take the lead!