Clear Cut Couples: Gabrielle and Ryan

Gabrielle and Ryan were both in Greek Life at Johnson & Wales University in Providence Rhode Island! They knew of each other but didn't have their first conversation until they were at a 4th of July party in 2014. Their first date was at the movies! 

They have a two year age difference so Gabrielle was entering her senior year and he was entering his sophomore year when they first met. Gabrielle was skeptical about becoming boyfriend and girlfriend since she was graduating and ultimately would have to do long distance. They were exclusive for most of her senior year and as she started marching towards graduation (in May) in March, she realized that she couldn't leave school without him being consistently in her life so they made it official in March of 2015. They have been together for over 6 years and have known each other for more than 7!

They have shared so many memories over the years! A major highlight for their relationship is both of them moving to New York City after college and falling more in love. After doing almost a year and a half of distance Ryan doubled up on classes and graduated a trimester early so they could get a jump start on their future. They always talked about wanting to live in the city after graduation, they both grew up visiting the City when they were younger (Gabrielle grew up in Long Island and Ryan in Connecticut) so it seemed like a no brainer. They have so many incredible memories of amazing date nights and fun nights out with their friends. They have been on a few amazing trips together as a couple pre-covid: Hawaii, Las Vegas, Punta Cana and Florida. Just recently Ryan was a great sport and tried skiing for the very first time. Gabrielle grew up skiing with her family and she hasn’t been in years, and when her family said they wanted to do a group trip, he was so excited to try skiing!

Ryan proposed on March 13th and Gabrielle was in complete shock. They had plans for a family brunch to celebrate Gabrielle’s mom's birthday and since they both recently moved out of the city and their anniversary was the following week, they decided to stay at the Soho Grand downtown so that they didn't have to worry about driving home and could celebrate the next day. As they checked into the hotel Ryan mentioned that he rented the Penthouse for the night to celebrate their anniversary and as they walked into the room there was a beautiful private terrace looking over the midtown skyline, then as soon as she turned around, he was on one knee.

Little did she know that he had a photographer hiding in the hotel bathroom that popped up and started taking pictures of the magical moment. After a few moments of taking pictures, both of their families came in to celebrate with champagne. They went to a family dinner and spent the rest of the night celebrating. It was truly the most magical night of her life surrounded by those who mean so much!  

Gabrielle was so surprised and excited when he asked because she didn't see it coming at all! “To say that I am obsessed with my ring is an understatement. I knew I wanted an elongated cushion but knowing this is a unique cut I wasn't sure what style or shape It would turn out to be. It is everything that I wanted and more.” They do not have a wedding date set in place just yet, but are planning to get married in July of 2022 in Long Island!


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