Clear Cut Couples: Gurpreet and Jaskiran

In a time where the world faced lockdown, Gurpreet and Jaskiran were fortunate to find each other. Initially meeting online, they quickly found and built a connection with one another. Talking online quickly turned to phone calls, FaceTime calls, and eventually priceless experiences and memories that built this relationship as it is today. Jaskiran was visiting New York City for a wedding when she met Gurpreet for the first time. Gurpreet was a nervous wreck but made the kindest gestures like bringing her a forever rose and her favorite snacks! They both knew there was a strong potential future, but were so nervous! They have been together since then for a year!

The times that they would meet, they both felt time was flying by way too fast. The dates were always effortless and natural. Nothing needed to be planned and they always ended up having a great time. There was just a feeling they had for each other that they couldn’t explain, but they quickly knew that they had someone special in one another.

They both have similar love languages as well. Jaskiran has been very thoughtful with her gift giving, helping feed Gurpreet’s coffee addiction, while also elevating his fashion sense by getting rid of all his baggy clothes. Gurpreet pays great attention to detail and if Jaskiran ever even briefly mentions something she likes, Gurpreet will remember and find a way to get her it!

Like any woman, Jaskiran wanted to make sure she looked her best for pictures. So although Jaskiran knew the day the proposal was happening, 9/18/21, she didn’t know when, exactly or how it would get done. Gurpreet took her to a rooftop in Brooklyn overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge and NYC skyline, where he was able to have an intimate moment with no one else around, besides a hidden photographer.

Jaskiran was surprised and didn’t know it would happen right then and there. She absolutely loves the ring! She was very helpful in letting Gurpreet know which style cut she likes, and Olivia was instrumental in finding the perfect ring for them. Jaskiran and Gurpreet will be getting married August 13th, 2022. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!