Clear Cut Couples: Hunter and Marin

Hunter and Marin have such a unique story where the stars aligned for them to meet each other. Hunter had a friend who had just moved into a rental property. The property manager had a dryer in the unit, but there was no washing machine and had told Hunter’s friend that he had a washing machine at another rental property (Marin's house), but it would have to be picked up. Hunter had a truck so his friend requested his help.

Hunter’s friend gave him Marin's phone number because he was originally just going to go pick it up himself, but figured that he might need some help if the washing machine was anywhere other than the garage. When they arrived, there were three girls at the house, none of whom were Marin, and they directed them to the washing machine in the basement. After moving the washing machine to the truck, Marin's friends offered them a beer and Hunter is “never one to turn down a free beer.” They had a quick conversation and then left to install the washing machine.

As they finished up, Hunter’s friend showed him a screenshot of a text from one of the girls at Marin's house. It said, "Hey, you were just at my house moving a washing machine and I was wondering what your friend's name was." They laughed about it and on the way home, Hunter decided to text the number that he had. "Hey I was just moving a washing machine at your house and I understand you or one of your roommates wants to know my name." Then, he got this reply: "I actually wasn't there, but all of my roommates think you're hot!" They started texting and a week later decided to meet up!

They didn't have a conventional first date! After texting and snapchatting for about a week, they decided to have a movie night. They watched "Pulp Fiction” and the rest is history! It’s been more than a year and a half since Hunter moved that washing machine!

The time that they have been together has been jam packed with fun and adventures. They have spent close to 200 hrs in the car together on road trips! They currently live in Omaha, NE and have travelled to AZ, KY, MN, IL, and many places in between for different holidays and trips. They have also survived quarantine together and prior to quarantine, they spent all of their free time together.

Marin's family has a vacation home outside of Phoenix, AZ and they had planned for Hunter’s family to fly from MN so that they could all be together for the winter holidays. When he found out that everyone was going to be able to be together, he knew this would be the perfect time to propose. He planned for them to meet their families at the neighborhood bar for drinks before dinner that evening. When they arrived, their families were surrounding a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments with photos of them and ring pops. He had told her for months prior to their trip that he couldn't afford anything more than a ring pop. So he told her that's what she was getting and told her to pick her favorite one. She picked one and while she was getting it off the tree, Hunter got down on one knee behind her and asked, "Are you sure you don't want this one?" with the beautifully crafted ring from The Clear Cut!!

Hunter started a Youtube channel and posted the vlog here:

Marin was starting to put some clues together during their trip and was really hoping that it was going to happen. However, she went snooping through Hunter’s backpack that day looking for a ring and was very disappointed when she didn't find it!! Little did she know, the proposal was happening that night! And she didn't figure it out until it was happening! She absolutely loves the ring and said that it is exactly what she wanted.

They are deep in the planning process, but are looking at venues for June, 2022. Hopefully by then, the world will have normalized a bit and they will be able to celebrate with all of their family and friends.


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