Clear Cut Couples: Mavy and Justin

Mavy and Justin first met on Tumblr when they were in high school back in 2011. They are both from the Bay Area and really enjoyed Tumblr, so they started to follow each other on there and other social media platforms. They ended up both going to the same college by chance in 2013 and Justin asked her to hang out for the first time, since they had been social media friends for so long. It's crazy to look back because now they both work in social media about life coming around full circle!

Their first date was at a diner. Justin lost a bet and owed Mavy a milkshake. It was their first time meeting each other in person and he said, “I was so nervous that I told her I felt like I was going to throw up. Probably not the best first impression, but we still joke about it to this day.” In the end, it all turned out perfectly - they started dating that year and have been together for over 7 years since then! 

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! One of their favorite trips was in 2018, they went to Spain and Portugal for over 2 weeks. It was their first time traveling out of the country together and it was an unbelievable 2 weeks. They vlogged the whole trip and love watching over it. They also both love going to sports games, and have gone to plenty of amazing Giants, Warriors, and 49ers games over the years. Another special moment for them was officially moving in together in the beginning of 2020 and finishing the year as fiancés!

Justin proposed to Mavy on 12/26/2020 in San Francisco, a city that has meant so much to them. Justin is from the North Bay and Mavy is from the South Bay, so they view the Golden Gate Bridge as the landmark that connects them. They’ve spent plenty of time exploring the city over the course of their relationship and have made endless memories, so it only felt right to propose in the city that means so much to them. Justin had planned a picnic on the beach in a spot that has a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge. They walked from the parking lot to the picnic and when they got there, there was a lane of rose petals leading up to the set up with a “Marry Me” sign. Right away Mavy saw the sign and her jaw dropped in shock. Justin said a speech about how much she means to him and how much he loves her, but he said, “I was so nervous that it all feels like a blur!” He had a photographer capture their special moment and then they took their first pictures as FIANCES! After that, they sat around the picnic, laughed, and watched a beautiful sunset. After they left the picnic, they ordered from their favorite deep dish pizza spot, went home and ate, and then spent the rest of the night celebrating together.

It was a total surprise! Mavy's birthday was a few days before, so she was under the impression that they were going on a picnic to celebrate her birthday. Justin said, “My speech may have been a blur, but I'll never forget the look of pure shock and happiness on her face when I got down on one knee and she saw the ring. Right away her jaw dropped and she covered her mouth and started crying/laughing at the same time. She had been hinting at the style of ring she wanted and how she wanted it from The Clear Cut for a while and her actually seeing it for the first time was so surreal.”

They are currently in the process of planning their wedding, but are hoping to get married somewhere in the Bay Area in 2022 (maybe 2023)!

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