Clear Cut Couples: Jacob and Maisie

Jacob and Maisie met while in medical school. More specifically, the summer before at a local event called “Red Dress Run”, where even the men wear red dresses! Maisie promptly ignored him in his red tank dress!! Throughout the course of the year, they were placed in a small class together. Because Maisie could not figure out where the class was held, they got close very quickly! In the first session, they took a personality quiz and of course, Maisie had forgotten her computer, so they took it together - getting almost identical results.

Their first official date in April was rained out! They had been planning to meet at a bar, but the streets were literally flooding. However, Jacob was determined, probably because he had been at a crawfish boil that day and was already full of “liquid courage,” and they decided to move the date to Maisie’s house. He showed up in sweatpants and his glasses with a bottle of wine and they talked all night. It was love after the first date - they became inseparable after April and moved in with each other the next year. Since then, they have been dating for three years!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! They did “dedicated” together - a 6 week period of intensive studying for their first board exam of medical school. To celebrate, they rafted the Grand Canyon where they camped outdoors for almost a week. If they can survive medical school and the outdoors together… they know they can survive anything. They have two cats, named Pythagorus (Py) and Newton (Newt).

Jacob proposed on New Year’s Day during their ski trip in Park City, Utah. They had lunch reservations at a place called “Lookout Cabin” that had an amazing view. Prior to lunch, Maisie had wanted to get pictures of them on the mountain, so Jacob asked a random woman to take their picture and dropped to a knee while posing for pictures!

It was such a surprise! Jacob had carried the ring around in his backpack the entire time because he was so scared to lose it, but he had previously told her there was no way that he would travel with it. He kept asking her to check his zippers “for AirPods.” So when the proposal happened, she was totally shocked!  She could not take her eyes off of the ring (she still hasn’t stopped). They are getting married in Spring 2022 in New Orleans!


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