Clear Cut Couples: Jess and Pete

Jess and Pete met in high school at a varsity football game! Since they met way back then, they say their first date was probably to the movies (classic!), but they aren’t sure! They have been together for 11 years -- WOW! Their anniversary is on Halloween.

As a couple, they LOVE to travel. Some of their favorite trips have been to Australia (Pete studied abroad and Jess visited for a month after that), Iceland, and their most favorite trip to date was their most recent summer trip to Spain.

Pete proposed on Saturday, December 21st in Dumbo, Brooklyn under the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a total surprise and the most amazing weekend ever! Jess left work that Friday thinking she was going home but he had called a surprise Uber to her job that took her to the The One Hotel in Dumbo. Jess has always been obsessed with that hotel for years and would always joke that they should have a “staycation. “ When she arrived at the hotel, she was very confused as to what was going on, but Pete played it off that this was her Christmas present!

He said that they would be spending the weekend at the hotel (already a dream come true!). The next day, they went to lunch at The River Cafe along the water in Dumbo. After lunch, they went for a walk to figure out what they wanted to do for the rest of the day, but they were really walking towards the spot Pete had planned to propose at!! It was so special and there was a photographer there to capture the moment. The next day, he planned a surprise brunch with their best friends and immediate family. Jess says it was the most amazing and special weekend!

Jess and Pete designed the ring together, but when Jess saw the finished product, she says, “it was 10000x more beautiful than I could have even imagined. I could not stop staring at it. The pictures taken at the proposal captured my feelings of the ring perfectly!” 


As for their wedding, they’re still figuring it out :) We can't wait for all the details!! Congrats Jess and Pete!! We are SO happy for you!! 


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