Clear Cut Couples: Melissa and Brady

Melissa and Brady met at Grant’s bar in West Hartford on Memorial Day weekend in 2015. Melissa eyed Brady from across the bar and instantly knew she needed to meet him. After a few hours of waiting to talk to him, she insisted on introducing herself to him at closing time. Brady texted her the next day and the rest is history. 


As a true gentleman, Brady asked Melissa where she wanted to go for dinner and she couldn’t think of a better first date than her favorite restaurant, Barcelona in West Hartford. 

Melissa eventually moved to Boston, ironically a few minutes drive away from where Brady lived in his off-season. After a few years of dating, the two moved to Philadelphia together, where Melissa would go to medical school. Between the many years of stressful studying and long distance baseball seasons apart, they rescued the love of their lives, Boston. (Yes, he’s the cutest cat in the world!) 


After a little over four years together Brady proposed! He surprised her with a romantic happy hour at their favorite Morris House hotel, which led to homemade dinner on their apartment’s candlelit rooftop deck. Brady brought out champagne to which Melissa asked what the occasion was?! Brady went down on one knee and Melissa burst out crying before being able to say yes! Melissa is still speechless over the ring!


Brady and Melissa had a New Year’s Eve wedding with lots of celebration and of course, champagne! Congrats you two!! We are SO happy for you!!