Clear Cut Couples John and Maury

John has always been friends with Maury’s older brother, Kevin. They grew up together and after many years of being “just friends,” Maury and John started hanging out more and more together. Their “first dates” usually happened after their high school basketball games. Maury and John hung out in group settings until Maury mustered up the courage to send the text “hey it’s Maury :)” With approval from Maury’s brother Kevin, they started dating and the rest is history. They have been together for over 10 years. They started dating in June of 2011. Maury was 15 and John was 17.

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! John and Maury live to travel and make memories together wherever they go. Through two cross country trips, multiple National Park visits, and moments of challenging one another to take risks and live freely, they fell in love with each other’s sense of adventure. Their first solo trip was exploring the wintery scenery of Banff, Canada. Riding the gondolas and canoeing across the lake are experiences they will never forget. But of all these destinations, their hearts belong to Maui.

For all the places they have visited, their favorite place to be is together at home. They fill their days with family dinners, lake days, and ordinary moments. They couldn’t imagine life without their loved ones by their side, especially their nieces, nephew, and all the other little cousins.

After ten years of adventures and memories, Maury was ready for John to pop the question. John and Maury have talked about, dreamed about, and planned for what their future together would hold. They jetted off to Hawaii for their next adventure where they spent the week with family and friends hiking, snorkeling, sailing, and cliff jumping. Halfway through the trip on January 18, 2022, they set off on a sunset sail. Before John could even make it to his knee, Maury had blurted out the “yes” and was filled with happy tears.

After 10 years together, Maury definitely had an idea that the proposal was coming. She still can’t stop staring at the ring. It’s everything she ever dreamed of. Maury and John plan to have a big, beautiful outdoor wedding. They live on a lake and spend many of their days out on the water. They’ll be surrounded by friends and family for the big day!