Clear Cut Couples: Julie and Gabi

Julie and Gabi met over three years ago at work. Their mutual friend tried to secretly set them up and introduced them a week before they began working together. They are both teachers at the same school in NYC and have been together ever since.

Julie decided after over three years with Gabi that it was time to pop the question. I worked with Julie and her sister to design the perfect ring for Gabi. Julie chose a gorgeous round brilliant diamond in a delicate pave platinum ring.

On the big day, Julie and Gabi were on their way to have brunch with their good friend Sasha. Sasha, who was in on the surprise with Julie’s sisters, purposely postponed their meeting time. Since they were already on the way, Julie suggested to Gabi that they should “kill time” and go for a walk through Central Park.

However, Gabi was VERY hungry and reluctant to walk through the park because she just wanted to go put their names down at the restaurant. Finally, Julie convinced her to walk to a spot in the park that they love, which is a big open area of rocks that overlooks the Turtle Pond. They sat down on the rocks and to Gabi’s surprise, Julie popped the question! Julie pulled out the ring and Gabi, of course, said YES! The surprise continued when Sasha and Julie’s sisters popped out of the bushes! They all hugged and rejoiced and finally went to brunch to celebrate.

When it came time for Gabi to propose, she came in with Julie to look at the types of rings that would fit her personal style. Julie gravitated towards very delicate craftsmanship and colored metal. Gabi designed a beautiful round brilliant diamond set in an elegant thin rose gold solitaire ring.

The day Gabi took the ring home she was acting a little funny around Julie. Julie had a sneaky suspicion that something was up when Gabi asked her to go downstairs to get a package from the building next door. When Julie came back up to the apartment, Gabi had turned off all of the lights and had a trail of tea candles leading to her where she was waiting with the ring!

Julie and Gabi plan to get married in June 2018 in Brooklyn overlooking the river.