Clear Cut Couples: Julie and Mike

Julie and Mike went to high school together; they met when they were 14 and 15 years old, but didn’t start dating until after college. They were good friends throughout all those years, but something changed when they both found each other again while out at a bar with friends a few years after college. It is amazing how the best things in life are often right in front of you, and it takes the right moment to realize it. This was the case for them -- that moment changed everything!

Since they were friends before starting to date, they are both unsure when they had their first few “dates” or if they were just two friends hanging out. Quickly, the transition from best friends to something more happened. Now, over three years later, they are engaged! One of their first “dates” was to go to a movie together. They ended up being late because they talked for hours at dinner before. Mike says, “I knew pretty early on that I could see myself with her forever.” AWW!

Julie and Mike were long distance for two years. She was in PA school in Boston, and Mike was working in New York. Since they both went through pretty rigorous professional programs, it was easy for them to support one another and understand the other's workload. They would see each other about once a month, and had jam-packed weekends in Boston or at home. Now, they’re both thrilled that she's moved back to New York!

Julie and Mike took a two week trip to Italy to celebrate her graduation from her Physician Assistant school. Secretly, Mike knew the reason for this trip: he was going to propose! That’s why he made sure it would be absolutely perfect. He proposed on the roof of their hotel in Sorrento, Italy while watching the sun go down over the Amalfi Coast. He hired a photographer to capture the moment and her reaction. Actually, he was supposed to propose the day before, but the weather was uncooperative! Thankfully, it all worked out perfectly!

The proposal was a total surprise to Julie – which was amazing considering that he had to carry the ring for their entire trip! Mike thinks Julie was a little suspicious after some of her family members accidentally dropped hints, but overall she was still shocked and the moment was perfect. Julie LOVES her ring and she still has not stopped staring at it. Mike says, “I am grateful to Olivia and The Clear Cut for creating such a perfect ring for us!”

Congrats Julie and Mike! We are SO happy for you and cannot wait to hear about the wedding!

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