Clear Cut Couples: Kristina and Alex

Kristina and Alex met at the end of 2017 after meeting at work. Alex had been working at the company for a little over a year when she joined the team as her first job out of college. He was assigned to train her and shortly after announced that he was leaving the company. In true Alex fashion, he trained her and then gave her all of his hard projects on his way out the door. LOL!

They both love the month of December and a couple days after Christmas, Alex took her on their first date to a small Italian restaurant. He was so excited to show her this place, but little did he know, Kristina’s family had been going there for years. Though she will give Alex credit, he went so frequently that their server knew his order from memory! Kristina was impressed. Since then, they have been together a little over 4 years now!

They have shared so many incredible memories over the years! As lovers of travel and adventure, they booked their first ski vacation before they were even formally dating. Since that first trip to Snowbird, they have done a ton of ski trips with Kristina’s family and friends in the US, Canada and Europe. In the "off" season, Alex introduced her to boating in the summer. Alex grew up boating with his family on one of the biggest lakes in New Jersey. For many summers, they dreamed of living on the lake together. They bought their first home together on the lake in May 2020 and have enjoyed long summer days on the lake with their favorite people during cold, but beautiful winter days playing ice hockey on the lake when it freezes.

One summer weekend had particularly a lot going on; Kristina’s grandfather coming in from Germany who she hadn't seen in 3 years because of COVID, friends visiting from out of town, and Alex's sister's housewarming party. It was set to be a wild weekend. The Friday evening before the chaos was set to begin, Alex had volunteered them to help out at his sister's house to prepare for the housewarming party. After arriving, he quickly said that he needed to go pick up tents for this party and left his sister to put Kristina to work. She said, “His poor sister was trying to find things to occupy me with and set me off to create a balloon arch. After only 5 minutes of attempting, I broke a nail! Not only was Alex's sister horrified, she immediately set me on a different job.” Shortly after, Alex picked Kristina up and they headed home to prepare for their own guests' arrival. When she walked into their house, there were roses, rose petals and candles everywhere. Alex proposed in their living room, just the two of them. After they had their moment, they walked outside their house in which all of their closest friends came running around the corner with champagne in hand and their Golden Retriever leading the pack. Their families arrived shortly after, as well as more friends and they celebrated all night. To add to an already crazy weekend, their families and closest friends threw them a surprise engagement party on that Sunday. The weekend was definitely one for the books!

The proposal was a total surprise for Kristina. “I was in complete shock. My ring is absolutely stunning. I had hinted to Alex that The Clear Cut was the way to go when the time came, but ultimately told him that I trusted his decision. I couldn't be more happy with my ring and still can't believe how lucky I am.”

They are getting married in June of 2023 in Ravello, Italy on the Amalfi Coast. They can't wait to take their love of travel and go celebrate with their family and friends in one of the most beautiful places! And of course indulge in good wine and pasta, just as they did on their first date!


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