Clear Cut Couples: Luke and Blake

Luke and Blake met during orientation week of freshman year of college at Colgate University. Through all of the new students and excitement, they managed to find each other! They can't actually recall a first "date," but sitting in the dining hall alone together was how they got to know each other and connected. It was clear that they had something special! They have been together for over five years!

They have shared so many incredible memories since then! They have traveled all over the world together. During their first year of dating, they went to the Philippines, the following year they went to London and Paris, the next year to China and Japan. This past year, they studied together at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. They visited South Africa, Sweden and Dubai during the course of the year. All of their travels have made them extremely close and they soon realized how much fun they can have together.

Luke proposed to Blake by bringing her back to her freshman year dorm room to show her a surprise that he had been keeping a secret for over four years. Above her door of that freshman year room, he wrote "Blake, will you marry me?" and dated it. May 14, 2017. Luke said, “I still do not know what took over me to write this message. All I know is that I have known since then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Blake. Ever since then, I have thought in my own mind that I had already asked the question, and that she had said yes.”

The message on the door was an unbelievable surprise! The whole experience was totally overwhelming. Blake's reaction to the ring was constant amazement. “I don't think she will ever get over how great it is to be honest. I am so happy to have a ring that I know she will be proud of for the rest of her life.” They have no official plans at the moment for their wedding, but they like the idea of South Florida in the Fall! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!


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