Clear Cut Couples: Melanie and Nick

Melanie and Nick met at work! She was working in Human Resources and in charge of onboarding all of the new hires and Nick was joining the company in January 2015. She met Nick on his first day and was immediately pretty tongue tied. She went through the motions and told him everything he needed to get started and she walked out of the room completely overwhelmed - she could barely keep her thoughts straight. Nick has said that he doesn't remember a single thing she said during that meeting either. They became fast friends and it's fuzzy for both of them when their friendship turned into romance.

They can’t seem to figure out when their first date was!! LOL! They have gone back and forth on this so many times. They were spending so much time together as friends before they became romantically involved and their relationship just grew really organically. Since then, they have been together for 3.5 years now!!

They both have an incredible travel bug. They have traveled all over the world together, but there has always been a special magic in the trips they have taken to the Mediterranean each summer that they’ve been together. Nick proposed in Greece on the island of Milos. They went to Milos in the summer of 2018 for a week and had the most incredible time. They became friends with the owner of the hotel they were staying at and consider her part of their little family now. When they were planning their trip back to Greece this summer, they decided to end their trip with a few days in Milos. Nick contacted Tania, the owner of the hotel, and asked her to help him set up the engagement. She helped book a photographer, a private boat for their post-engagement celebration, and made sure they had dinner reservations that night and were bestowed with big hugs, cake and champagne.

The day that they were going to Milos, they were supposed to be on a 9:30am ferry that would get them to the island at 10:30am. That morning, the ferry was cancelled and their only option was to take a 4:30pm ferry that would get them to Milos around 5:30pm. Melanie had no idea that Nick had an entire engagement planned for sunset at 8:30pm and was trying to be an eternal optimist. Nick seemed upset and she tried to help by letting him know it wasn't the end of the world that they were stuck on one gorgeous greek island over another. Meanwhile, Nick was frantically texting the photographer and hotel owner to try to rearrange all of his plans. The ferry was delayed further and they ended up getting to Milos at 7:00pm. They had a few housekeeping items to take care of (getting the rental car, etc) and by the time they were on the way to the hotel Nick was flying! He hadn't eaten anything all day because he was so nervous and blamed his heavy foot on being anxious to get to dinner. As they arrived at the hotel, she saw that there was a table with champagne set up outside on the rocks overlooking the sea. She asked Nick about it and concluded that somebody must be having a romantic dinner and didn't think anything else about it!

They went upstairs and Nick showered and got ready in maybe 3 minutes and started hurrying her along. She had no idea there was any urgency so she was hanging up wet swimsuits from the morning, etc. She had no desire to get ready, but he insisted that they have a proper date night. She let him pick out a red maxi dress, but other than that she barely got ready, wore no makeup and had half wet hair! When they went downstairs she started walking toward the restaurant she knew they were going to and he insisted that they go check out what was going on with that table behind the hotel. She gave him a look and he kind of just pulled her along. They started walking out onto the rocks, looking out over the island of Kimolos. She was in front of Nick when she turned around he was on one knee and asked her to be his forever. She said of course and gave him the biggest hug she’d ever given anyone. He had a couple more surprises up his sleeve. He let her know he'd booked a private sailboat for the following day to sail around Milos and explore the island of Polyaigos, and also booked a trip to Indianapolis the following Friday to see her family. It was perfect and she has been on cloud 9 ever since!

It was a HUGE SURPRISE for Melanie! She had no idea they were getting engaged on this trip. Truthfully, since she helped pick the center stone, she was getting very impatient! She figured they’d get engaged before their trip. As soon as they got to the first island, Nick told her they definitely were not getting engaged because there was something wrong with the ring - HA! That was a total lie -- the ring is PERFECT! Once he asked, she was so excited that she didn't even look at the ring for 20 minutes. Once she did, her jaw hit the floor. Her ring is beyond anything she expected and it’s the most beautiful ring she has ever seen -- a stunning old mine with side stones!

They are planning to get married in Greece next July. It is such a special place to them and they can't wait to share it with their closest friends and family.

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