Clear Cut Couples: Meredith and Paul

Meredith and Paul met at NYU in 2009. They first met during tryouts for the Varsity Soccer Teams before school orientation began. However, it wasn’t until the spring semester that they started growing closer together. Since then, Paul and Meredith have been together for over 8 years when Paul proposed in July 2018.

Paul and Meredith have been going to Cape Cod every year since they have been together for the 4th of July holiday week. They consider Cape Cod the place where they truly fell in love with each other. After a day at the beach, Paul and Meredith always try and stop by their favorite oyster bar on Main Street in the center of town. After getting ready to head into town Paul suggested they stop at their local beach one more time. 

The two arrived and walked up to a beautiful lookout point that oversees Camelot (The Kennedy Family Compound). At the top of the bluff there is a bench where they thought they could sit for a while and relax, but someone was already there when they arrived. Paul kindly asked the man to move as he wanted to take a few quick photos of Meredith overlooking the beach. The man was very sweet and got up immediately. All a part of Paul’s plan :) 

As Meredith posed she faced away from Paul looking out into the ocean. Paul took Meredith’s phone and began to take photos. After a few photos, the kind man offered to capture some photos of Paul and Meredith together. Afterwards, Paul asked Meredith if he could take one more photo of her. He asked her to turn around to get one last photo of her looking out towards the sea. In that moment he switched the camera into video mode to record the proposal. He carefully hid the engagement ring box behind the phone and asked Meredith to turn around. 

Paul then got down on one knee and proposed to Meredith. She said yes! Meanwhile, the man from the bench started taking photos of us – Paul had actually hired him to capture the special moment and he was able to capture the entire proposal! They spent the next 30-45 minutes taking photos around the beach. 

After thanking the photographer, they finally headed to The Naked Oyster as planned. Once in the car, Meredith wanted to call her parents who now live in Florida, especially when Paul mentioned that his parents who live in Boston were waiting at the restaurant already to celebrate. After driving just down the road, the couple walked into the restaurant. Meredith looked and saw Paul’s parents sitting next to her parents. They traveled all the way from Florida for this very special moment to surprise her. Meredith and her mother warmly embraced each other with tears in their eyes. Paul had pulled off the perfect surprise. 

Paul, Meredith and their parents could finally celebrate. After celebratory champagne and oysters, they headed back to the house for dinner with the entire family. Paul had even more surprises left! Upon arrival, Meredith was once again surprised as all of the relatives had decorated the house for their engagement. Meredith was totally surprised by how the entire proposal unfolded, how well thought out every last detail was, and how perfect of a day it turned out to be. 

Meredith loves her engagement ring! She had loved the oval shape since February when her and Paul met with Olivia to begin researching more about diamonds. After that day Paul continued to work closely with Olivia to find and create the perfect ring for his future fiancé. 

Meredith and Paul plan on getting married during the summer of 2019. They are beginning to search for venues around NYC and are very excited to start planning the wedding of their dreams!