Clear Cut Couples: Sam and Morgan

Sam and Morgan met in their junior year in high school! They started dating their senior year and have been together ever since! Morgan said, “Our first date was cringe worthy, being only 18 years old! It was at the local Chipotle! Looking back even in high school as crazy as it sounds, I knew he would be in my life forever! It felt so effortless and easy!” Awwww! Since then, they have been together for over 7 years!

Being together for so long, they have a lot of fun memories throughout many different stages of life! And they still remember it all like it was yesterday. One highlight was Sam asking Morgan to their senior prom! They also love spending time traveling together and their favorite part is getting to try new restaurants… they are huge foodies! They ended up going to different colleges their freshman year, for one semester! Both of them ended up transferring to the University of Cincinnati. Going through college together was so special for them and they made some of their favorite memories there, running around their little college town! 

Sam knew that he would have a difficult time surprising Morgan because she knows what's going on 24/7... except for one Saturday in December. It started off when he asked her to go get lunch. It was just his birthday so she thought nothing of it! Looking back now, she knows why her roommate was so interested in what she was wearing to lunch! On their way to lunch, his dad called and said his car battery died and he needed a jump, he was just down the street from her house and it was on the way to lunch! Not paying any attention and scrolling through her phone on Instagram... all of the sudden they were in a park that overlooks the city of Cincinnati. “At that moment I saw poinsettia's lining the walkway and at that moment I knew it was happening!!!! After he proposed all of our family came walking out from behind a hill and it was just so perfect!”

It was a HUGE surprise! All of 2020, he kept telling her that it was going to happen this year. “We are getting married on October 2, 2021 on my fiancés family's vineyard in North Carolina!” Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

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