Clear Cut Couples: Sean and Andrea

Andrea and Sean met at work! He worked in video on the first floor of their company and she worked in communications on the second floor. When she joined the company, a friend told Sean that the new girl liked the Green Bay Packers. They live in Texas – he couldn’t believe it! Of course, Sean the “Cheesehead” had to see for himself if she was a “real fan,” and she passed all of his Packers tests. After that, he came up with all kinds of reasons to stop by her cubicle! They’ve been referred to as the “Jim and Pam” of their marketing department for three years now and they love it.

Their first date was at a cute little Mexican restaurant called Hecho en Waco – so fitting, as their love really was “made in Waco!” It was a quick lunch date and they were both nervous. She couldn’t wait for their next date. (Which happened just a few days later!) They have been together for over 3 and a half years since then! He asked her to be his girlfriend in Austin, Texas on New Year’s Eve at midnight!

They have shared so many incredible memories since then! They are adventure buddies. They took their first trip together to Portland, Oregon in April 2018 after dating for only a few months. The day that they arrived, they were both itching to say “I love you.” They ended up saying it at a place called Hot Lips Pizza! Their relationship is so much fun and they are truly best friends. In the last three years, they have traveled all over Texas and everywhere from the Carolinas to Arizona to Mexico and, of course, to Wisconsin for Packers games.

Andrea said, “I knew I was in love with Sean in the Walmart parking lot, of all places. He was being goofy and literally dancing his way into the store. It was in that moment I realized no matter what we did together or where we found ourselves, we would make it fun. I knew I could dance through life with him and he’d remind me not to take myself too seriously.”

One of their favorite memories together happened during quarantine in 2020. Bored at home with lots of time on their hands, they decided to enter a video contest hosted by Adobe focused on spreading kindness in such a tough time in the world. Thanks to Sean’s video expertise, they were selected as one of 10 contest finalists! Our submission is featured in Marshmello and Halsey’s “Be Kind” Official Fan Video with 1 million views and counting. It was so much fun to create together and something that they will never forget.

For the proposal, like a true romantic, Sean took Andrea back to Portland in April 2021 – a place that is so special to them and holds so many “firsts” for their relationship. They began the trip by returning to all their favorite spots to reminisce, including Hot Lips Pizza, Powell’s City of Books, and Cathedral Park with a view of St. John’s Bridge. To her surprise, he created a beautiful new memory for them and popped the question next to a waterfall! (How many people can say that?) To top it off, he had a photographer there to capture the proposal and spent an hour with them afterward for a full photo session. They got so many beautiful photos that they will treasure forever!

Andrea had an idea that the proposal might happen in Portland since it’s such a special place to them. However, she had no idea how, when, or where in the city he would do it! In fact, when he didn’t do it at any of their special spots, she lost hope that he’d propose on the trip. She wasn’t mad at all, but it was a quiet car ride – she was bummed! Little did she know that they were on their way to the waterfall and it was about to be the best surprise of her life! “I love my ring – it’s exactly what I hoped for. Sean jokes that I took 10 minutes to say “yes” because I was staring at it and forgot to answer his question! (Can you blame me? It’s stunning!)”

They haven’t set a date yet, but they’d love to get married later next year (2022) in Austin, Texas – somewhere with a beautiful outdoor backdrop for the ceremony! “I’m so grateful to Olivia and The Clear Cut team for creating this beautiful ring that I can’t wait to wear forever!” Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

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