Clear Cut Couples: Sophie and Jason

Sophie and Jason met on a sticky summer Sunday in the Meatpacking District of New York City. Sophie was going to meet a friend for lunch and when she got there, her friend sat at a table full of babes and a couple of guys that she knew from work. Sophie lost her phone almost immediately and a voice asked if he could help - it was Jason (who was in town on vacation having returned from his rotation in Africa). Jason somehow managed to find her phone and they ended up having a really great conversation about engineering (totally serious!!). Sophie assumed, however, that he was with one of the megababes at the table and considering she was sticky and gross after working all day, she thought it was ballsy to give him her number. But she did it anyways!! She wrote her number down and told him they should get lunch before he left town.

They never managed to get lunch before Jason returned to Africa for five weeks, but they spoke every day. Then, the day he set foot back on US soil, he flew to New York City. They had drinks at Soho House followed by tapas and Ruinart at Toro. After, they spent five days at the Standard Hotel… and so ensued a long distance relationship. Since then, they have been together for five and a half years! (YES -- it was time for the proposal!)

We asked Sophie about the most special moments over their relationship. This is what she said: “I could say getting our French Bulldogs or going on some fancy trips. But honestly, the highlights are every day; the small things we do for each other. Making a cup of tea, watching a movie, taking a drive…”

Sophie is extremely hard to bamboozle — especially since all she does is plan. They went to their favorite resort in the Maldives; Cheval Blanc Randheli. It’s such a special place and every day she was wondering if a proposal would ever come (this was the third big holiday on which they had been and after no proposal came in Bora Bora or in the Maldives the year prior, she was losing hope). Anyway, amongst her tightly packed schedule, he had planned snorkeling and water sports - still no proposal. On the third to last day, he suggested going snorkeling and lunch on a sandbank - something she had always wanted to do. But it was POURING with rain. Nonetheless, they finally got some sun and found a deserted sandbank where he put the drone in the sky and poured her champagne to distract her away from the moment. He knew she’d like to get some content of their holiday so he persuaded her that the sun was coming out and walking down the beach would garner a great shot. She looked down and saw what she called “rubbish” so she put up a fight. After some reassurance that the sunbeams were about to make a killer frame she obliged only to see that the “rubbish” was “will you marry me” written in the sand. There were some men there who helped -- poor guys had to remake it three times because it rained!

After that, they sat, the two of them, and had lunch and champagne (and of course got the content!). Sophie was thrilled - it was five years after they met. She said, “It was almost surreal that it was finally happening”. She had met Olivia three years prior and really thought it was going to happen then -- LOL! Sophie saw Olivia help many of her friends (some from far away all done remotely) find their perfect ring for that perfect moment and finally, after so so long, it was her turn and it was all perfect. She said, “Olivia steered Jason in the exact right direction while giving him the autonomy to make this his own process and I am forever grateful to her and the TCC team. I wanted the band to be very slim and demure to contrast with one, powerful, solitary stone. This way, I can get really creative with my wedding band. ;).”

Sophie planned the wedding in the 25 minute boat ride from the sandbank to the hotel! It will be in NYC with outposts in Miami, and the Chap-elorette in Vegas (a Chap-elorette is what she is calling her Hen with all her best boymates). Congrats Sophie and Jason!! We are SO happy for you!

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