Clear Cut Couples: Taylor and Erin

In AP Psychology class, Taylor and Erin’s teacher sat the class alphabetically. So it made sense that Erin Moore and Taylor Moore would be sitting next to each other.........yes, they have the same last name already! They quickly became friends when Taylor realized that once Erin started laughing, she couldn't stop and he would egg her on. Erin had to excuse herself from class the first day to compose herself.

After dating for two years of high school and going their separate ways for 4 years during college and graduate school, Erin had a few drinks and ran into Taylor at a bar crawl in Washington, DC. After returning home, Taylor announced to his roommates, "I'm in love with my ex!" And the rest is history! They have been together for three amazing years and have shared countless memories. 

For the proposal, Taylor surprised Erin at Holden Beach, which has always been special to her. While Erin thought she was taking a "family Christmas card" photo on the beach, Taylor somehow managed to sneak up behind her. He was able to photobomb some pics holding the ring up, then pull off the ultimate surprise proposal. Little did Erin know Taylor's entire family was also waiting just around the corner.

Erin was so surprised! For the girl who thought she had entertained every possible proposal idea and thought she couldn't be surprised - she was shocked. Immediate tears. She said, “I still can't believe that this ring is actually mine to wear forever. It is perfect in every way, and to future brides: do not be subtle about what you want. It pays off ;)” They plan to get married next Memorial Day weekend! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photos by: @fadiart97