Clear Cut Couples: Taylor and Joe

Taylor and Joe have been together for almost 3 years! 5 months after they met, they went on a two month road trip in an RV across the country. They were still all over each other, even after 2 months of being together non-stop! That’s when they knew it was going to be forever!

Taylor says the most beautiful part of their relationship has been seeing how much they have both grown and evolved together and as individuals. They both left longterm jobs that no longer brought them fulfillment. They started new ones that allowed them to be creative, moved to three different apartments and finally found their little oasis in Bushwick that they never want to leave!

Taylor knew Joe was the one early in their relationship, when she was going through stress or having an issue, he made everything a “we”. “We are going to get through this” “We will handle this together” “We got this” and that’s when she knew she wasn’t alone, and he was always going to be in her corner. "I" quickly turned into "we," and that’s when she knew he was the one. (AWWW!) Joe knew Taylor was the one after a trip to Cartagena. She was traveling in Thailand and had to take 4 planes to get to Colombia -- he fell in love with her on that trip!

For the last month Joe and Taylor’s sister had been creating a massive piece of art for him to propose with. He had it installed on Bedford ave and N 6th in Williamsburg, and told Taylor he wanted to go to the taco stand (in front of the wall) and he proposed there. Their families were there and Taylor's family flew in from Florida! It was absolutely incredible!!

It was a surprise for Taylor, but she knew he was going to propose by the end of the year. They had been talking about getting engaged and married for quite some time. They got to design it together which was very special to Taylor. They also used one heirloom diamond that was her grandmother's, who she was extremely close with, so the ring is everything she could have dreamed of. After the proposal, Joe also told Taylor that he had planned a 12 day trip to Italy!!!


They are super back and forth about what they are doing for their wedding! They are thinking either a Brooklyn wedding or doing a destination wedding in Cartagena, Colombia. Joe already loves planning and throwing parties, so this will be extra special for him! (Taylor says he is already bridezilla LOL)! Congrats you two!!

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