Clear Cut Couples: Thomas and Belle

Thomas and Belle are college sweethearts! Belle beat Thomas at beer pong at a college party and the rest is history.

They went to eat ramen on their first date. Thomas showed up in a suit and she thought it was so romantic. Little did she know, he was wearing the suit because of his summer banking internship.

They have been together for over 8 years and have hit so many milestones together. They went from college parties to traveling the world, supporting each other at their first jobs, moving across the state twice, raising a puppy, buying a house together, and so many more to come. Their favorite memory will always be picking up their Shiba Inu puppy, Nobu, for the first time.

Thomas proposed on top of sea bluffs overlooking Santa Monica Beach. This was a common spot that they would take their dog Nobu on afternoon walks and is somewhat of a ‘dream neighborhood’ where they would like to settle down in the future

The proposal was an absolute surprise! Belle’s best friend concocted a whole story that she was in SF to throw her off. Because they have each other on “find my friends,” Belle’s friend purposely ate around the airport to make it look like she was boarding her flight and then sent her iPad up to SF with a friend so she could change her location and make the story believable! 

Belle also had no idea there was an engagement party because she and Thomas had talked about planning one together once they were engaged. She cried when she saw the ring and kept admiring it after.

As for their wedding, they are planning a late summer soirée at an Italian inspired villa in SoCal. It’ll be on their 9 year anniversary in September, which is an auspicious number for Taiwanese culture. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!

Photos: @joshuachunphotography